Tuesday, June 22, 2010

June 20/10

I hope that all of you who are father's had a special day.

Our service on Sunday honoured both our Heavenly Father and our earthly ones.

We were blessed with the Hiview Baptist Youth group sharing their ministry in song and personal stories. This group of young men and women are wonderful example of the difference that Christ makes in the lives of people. Although they live and work surrounded by those who do not share their belief, they stand firm in trying to live godly lives.

God's word and encouragement was brought by Aaron Oliveria. Aaron, who is part of the youth group, shared how his father exampled God's love in his life.

Please remember in prayer those who have health concerns. Pray also for our leaders who are gathering to discuss the concers of our world.

Monday, June 14, 2010

June 13th

We had a wonderful message on passion today. Guest speaker, Dave Brown, said that although we all had many interests in life, Christ should be our passion. Olympic athletes train for many years for the purpose of competing and, perhaps, winning a medal. That sport is their focus and passion. Likewise our focus and passion should be on serving and sharing Christ's love with others. Our reward is much greater than a silver, bronze or even gold medal. If we are faithful, our prize will to be to hear our Saviour tell us that we have done well.

Please continue to remember those who are ill and otherwise in need. Pray for the leadership as they give of their time to guide our church.
Pray also for God's guidance in finding a new pastor.