Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Lord is MY Shepherd.

Recently, I was reading an on-line devotional and realized that while I was interested in the little story, I merely scanned the scripture that accompanied it. My mental excuse was that I knew the words by heart and, therefore, didn't need to focus on them. I also realized that this wasn't a valid excuse so I reread the scripture a few times, concentrating on each phrase and was amazed at how much more I learnt about God and His plan for me.
So often we set ourselves a 'spiritual' goal-read the Bible in a year, read a chapter a day etc and the goal becomes more important than the reason. Perhaps, if our focus was to really study a verse or a sentence each day, we would see more spiritual growth.
Here is the first sentence from Psalm 23. I am sure you know it as well as your own name but take a moment to think about each word.
The-this is a definate article meaning that it denotes something specific, something that is the only one.
Lord-creator of the universe, master, ruler
is-present tense meaning now
my-something with which you have a relationship, that belongs to you. You don't say 'my CN Tower
Shepherd-someone who watches over, guides, cares for
Therefore, the one and only creator of the universe at this very moment (and all the rest of the moments in my life including those past) cares about me, is aware of any danger that might touch me, is aware of every need. My name is tatooed on His arm. My picture is in His wallet.
Reread the sentence a few times emphasizing a different word with each repetition.
The LORD is my Shepherd
The Lord IS etc.
Think about the word you are emphasizing and its meaning.


Chetwynd Community Church News
Please bring a donation for the food bank this Sunday
We are preparing for the Burk's Falls Christmas parade. We need red bows and flowers for the float as well as parade participants.