Friday, November 12, 2010

Nov. 12

I trust that you took a few moments yesterday to remember the soldiers-male and female-who are gave their lives for us. Their sacrifice is but a small shadow of our Lord who gave His life who did likewise.
This Sunday, Chetwynd will be celebrating communion and, following the service, sharing in a pot luck.
We are preparing for Burk's Falls Christmas parade. Will will be entering a float that depicts the real meaning of Christmas.
We also continue to pray for a new pastor and, as we wait, are thankful for those who share God's word with us each Sunday.


Scripture tells us that we are to 'give thanks always for all things'. Thess. 5: 20. Does this mean that we are to be thankful for the dreadful things that happen in this world or to praise God for the suffering of someone with a terminal illness. No, of course not. But we can praise Him for His grace, for the peace and strength that He gives to help us go through these things. We can also praise Him for the fact that we are not alone, He is not a God of stone but the living God who understands and has suffered as we do. We can also be thankful (if we know Him) that this world is only temporary and our eternity will be spent with Him in Heaven where there will be no suffering, no tears, no death.
Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

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